Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Music Playlists and Broadcasts.

If you haven't noticed, I use Grooveshark frequently for my playlists.  It's honestly convenient and has an easy to use interface. I also like that I can make playlists for the day without actually having to make a permanent playlist. Yay for random music and moods of randomness.

I recently thought that I used the website enough and that I should get the paid subscription for it. Mostly because I could change the color and themes (Dis way cutier in purpla). I researched the subscription a little more and found out when you get the subscription, you can also use the app on your iPhone. Well, fuck yes, I'm sold. I purchased the subscription and then went to download it. I couldn't find it in the App Store anywhere. Which isn't completely unusual but annoying. SOOOO, I went to their website and went to download the app directly there or have them link me to the app in the App Store. Turns out.... you can only use this application on your iPhone if it is jailbroken. You bastards. Immediately wrote their support that I didn't want to have to jailbreak my phone specially for this app and they were awesome and got me a refund right away. Because of their amazing customer service, I do still use their service.

Most recently, I discovered the 'Broadcast Now' button. What the fuck is this? I'll friggin tell you. It basically a feature you can use to broadcast(almost radio like) your music/playlists. I simply put all the songs that I want to listen to in a row on the bottom and it plays them. Then people can join in and listen in as well. The HUGE downside to this is that.... I can't pause my music.... I can't skip a song. Why? Because it skips it for them as well. All I could think about was how annoying it would be to listen to a station that someone was skipping the songs for.. Ugh.... So I had to miss my songs while peeing at work... and lunch breaks... and etc. However, I did get a few hundred people to listen to my station. So that is neat.

Also, I made a pop punky mix. It gets my mornings going a bit better. You're welcome.

Pop Punk Kadunk by xVeronicax on Grooveshark

So it may have happened again...

So, yes I frequently forget that I have a Blog. Sometimes I remember and think "Hey, I should post a blog about this.. and that... and this" but more often then not, the thought of pizza consumes my mind. I happened to be at my computer this time when I remembered I had a Blog and saw that I had over 300 views in the last month and I haven't even posted anything in the last few minutes. I'm like a naive boyfriend.

However, I would like to say that I saw that some of my statistics of searches that were from Bing. I'm not mad... just disappointed. We both know that you are better than that. Bing drives me crazy. You're trying to hard and you're annoying me, Bing. Every time I see their commercial, the same meme goes through my mind-------->

I still think you're neat though..


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Sundays consist of...

Our Sundays consist of laziness and football, and I don't mind at all. :)

I work til 4 on Sundays. However, when I get off work, I don't want to go anywhere. I'm all about family time and laziness on Sundays. Also, when it's football season, we watch a lot of it.

Nothing I would rather do. <3


P.s. disregard my vagina ears


Sometimes Tausha aka tcookie yells at me to post things and I do.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas shopping!

So, I hate Christmas. It's not a secret that I hate the holidays. However, I'm glad I got to do my holiday shopping with Ian. Makes all the christmas shopping worth it for sure. Even when I saw my ex's sister. Eek ��

I also purchased way too many ornaments but I just kept telling it is going to be a craft store tree aka a lot of shit on the tree. It turned out cute though. Of course Ian wanted a weird squirrel ornament. Haha

Oh Christmas. You're a dick.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Flat hair day? Bleh

Was too lazy to do my hair today. FLAT HAIR DAY. Ermahgerd this never happens. Ian will be so excited.